Ford- Inspired By Color (Case Study)
We wanted to position the Fiesta as the ultimate tech and fashion accessory to our target, young African American women.

The Inspired by Color campaign started with an invitation to learn about the cars online, then come dressed in an outfit inspired by your favorite feature/color. (Continue down for more)

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At the Casting Call, bloggers and fashion experts converged to give advice, judge and generate online chatter about the event.

For three days, we filmed contestants interacting with the Fiestas and learning about its
features. (Continue down for more)

We arm bloggers and media outlets with a "digital briefcase" so they can spread and cover the casting call.
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The footage and photos from the Casting Call created content for our online hub-the eZine. Five were produced, each full of fashion/tech videos and features from Vibe magazine, our editorial partner. The car is seamlessly weaved into all the contestants’ stories because it inspired their fashion choices.


Stills from the Ezines
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Videos content from the Ezines

Video walk through of one of five Ezines


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FInally with so much great content we funnel up to a very fun broadcast edit, starring our finalist.

GCD : Lisa Llewellyn
CD/AD: Jarek Carethers
ACD/CW: Denise Byrd